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Buenos Aires Apartments offers the temporary rent of totally furnished apartments in the best locations of Buenos Aires.
Enjoy the comfort and intimacy of your own place. Every apartment has bed lining, towels, cable TV, fridge, microwave, telephone & kitchen ware. People from our staff will wait for you on your arrival , anytime, anyday, to make sure you have a safe stay in Argentina.

Laprida & Melo
Capacity: 5 guests
Rent an apartment in Buenos Aires
Temporary Apartments rentals
Furnished apartments in Buenos Aires
Temporary Apartments rentals
Rent an apartment in Buenos Aires
Temporary Apartments rentals

* Features: Recoleta is considered to be one of the finest and most expensive areas of the city. It boast many French style buildings, large green and first class restaurants. Originally, this area was made up of simple houses or "ranchos". During the XVII century though, the lands were bestowed to the Recoleto priests where the place takes its name from. Both the Convent and the Pilar Church were built by them in 1706.
During the yellow fever epidemic, in 1871, many rich families fled to this area and built large houses and palaces surrounded by large gardens. Some people consider this district a copy of Paris.

*Description: It is a duplex with a living room and a bedroom. The capacity is for five guests. Downstairs there is the living room, the kitchen and a toilette. The kitchen is totally equipped. Upstairs there is a double bed and in another place a single bed.

* Services offered: Cable TV, telephone for local phone calls. Complete kitchenware. Linen and towels.

US Dolares
PESOS Argentinos
15 days
U$S 350
U$S 750

Ask for long stays special offers.
These prices include: expenses, taxes, water, light, gas and cable TV

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