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Belgrano is a distinguished residential district. It was named after Manuel Belgrano, one of Argentina's forefathers. There are many shops in this area as well as restaurants,green open spaces and places of architectural interest.
The "Barrancas de Belgrano"is one of the most prominent places of the district. Set on the former slopes of the river bank it was designed by landscape artist Carlos Thyas, builder of the Botanical Gardens.

The original town of Belgrano was inhabited by families closely related or linked to the ruling class of Argentina. Therefore, you will find important mansions, embassies and petit-hotels. Unfortunately, from the 80's onwards, most of these have given way to high rise residential buildings.

It's crossed bay Cabildo Ave. where are lots of buses to different parts of the city and the new subway line which takes the tourist to Downtown, passing bay Palermo, Barrio Norte, Faculty and Florida Street. It's near the north zone too, it means Vicente López, San Isidro, etc which are more residential neighborhoods as well.

In Belgrano there are lots of different kind of shops, clothes the most famous, furniture, and bars, restaurants, theaters, museums and cinemas as well.
There is an artesanal feria in the park near the Cathedral where are also shows and theater plays.


* Manuel Belgrano Square.

Juramento Avenue and Vuelta de Obligado Street:In the heart of the district. During the weekends from 9 am to 19 pm you will find handicraft market as well as street artists and performers. 

* Spanish Art Museum Enrique Larreta

Juramento Avenue 2291, TE 4784-4040 Gothic, Rennaissance and Barroque art is exhibited here.

* Church of Inmaculada Concepción

Vuelta de Obligado 2044:
It is popularly known as "LA REDONDA"(the round one) due to its particular shape. This temple, built in 1878, was designed bay the Genovese architects Nicolás y José Canale and helped by Antonio Buschiazzo.

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